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.NET and Kubernetes: Bringing Legacy .NET Into the Modern World with Pivotal Container Services

These days, the picture of modern .NET can get a little blurred. New apps created in .NET core are designed with the 12 Factors in mind, but what about that existing .NET Framework portfolio? It doesn’t make sense to continue investment in .NET Framework, but sizing the effort to modernize every thing to .NET core seems like a herculean task.

This session introduces an alternate path to modernizing that portfolio, as Kubernetes .NET pods. We'll show the fundamentals of a pod by using Docker to create a customized IIS environment and the K8s manifest for deploying the pod.

Along the way we will visit common scenarios that are introduced when containerizing a .NET Framework app like msi deployed dependencies, interacting with the registry, odbc drivers, ms message queue, isapi filters, and others.

A goal of each scenario will be to have zero code change within the legacy app and highlight how Pivotal Container Services for Windows can create a highly available environment around it.