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Mutation Testing: Case Studies on Spring Boot APIs

Why do we do TDD?

  • We're more productive since our code is easier to maintain and bugs are easier to find.

  • We refactor more easily without fear of unknowingly breaking things.

  • Our users are delighted by new features and fewer hassles.

In short, to release better-quality code more quickly with a degree of safety.

That sounds good, but maybe we’re operating without a net and don’t even know it!

What if we told you that your tests are passing because they're too general or they test the wrong behavior? How do you evaluate whether you're really testing well?

Mutation testing: a testing framework to mutate code and see if your tests fail. (Hint: you want them to fail.)

In this session, Heather Conklin, Senior Developer at HCSC, and Dave Kaiser, Associate Developer at HCSC, will examine the benefits of mutation testing, with real-world examples of what happened when we put apparently well-covered code through the process. Were we walking a tightrope without a net? Are you?