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Learning Spring Boot: First as a Student, Then as a Teacher

As a new developer coming from a nontraditional background, my understanding of what a framework is and its role in web development has grown exponentially as I created web applications using Spring Boot. After 400 grueling hours of coding and learning as a student, I've recently began my journey as an instructor of Spring Boot. This is the great advantage to Spring Boot that I want to highlight in my talk: it's easy to learn, easy to master, and easy to teach.

Using Spring Boot allowed me to get my feet wet and successfully create my first working website, and to use it as a platform to see how theoretical concepts like the Model-View-Controller play out in Spring MVC.

At a previous SpringOne conference, the director of the learning institution that offered my bootcamp, Alton Henley, spoke with one of our former instructors about the benefits of using Spring Boot as the learning platform for new programmers. I can add to that the perspective of a student turned teacher.