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Klingon Kotlin (in Anger, er, Passion) with Project Reactor and Spring Boot: Ha' HIja'!

Since Spring Framework 5's GA release in September 2017, Kotlin is a full first-class citizen in the Spring multiverse. The other key innovation/addition to Spring Framework 5 was Project Reactor.

Reactive programming offers developers a way to build message-driven, elastic, resilient, and responsive services. Combining Kotlin with Reactor empowers you to spin up powerful, fully reactive Spring Boot applications quickly and brutally efficiently.

In this talk, the presenter shows you how to:

* exploit existing Spring technologies using Kotlin like a true Klingon warrior.
* easily transition from uncloaked (blocking) applications to cloaked (reactive) applications and systems...for the Empire!
* define your API functionally using the battle-tested Spring Kotlin routing DSL.
* leverage powerful new testing mechanisms to make code stronger and life harder...for your sworn enemies, bugs.

The presenter will live-code all examples. Come to gain real, practical knowledge if you dare. Ha' ghob!