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John Hancock’s Journey from Service-Oriented to Microservices Architecture on Pivotal Platform

This is a story of our journey from using service-oriented architecture services to modern microservices architecture. In early 2018, in alignment with John Hancock's digitization strategy, we decided to retire 84 Tibco services and move to API-led services. Although the Pivotal Platform on Azure is the standard for Manulife, our parent, developing on Pivotal Platform was new to the John Hancock shared services team. We needed to learn how to work in a modern, cloud-native way. However, picking up technology was only one part of the puzzle. We knew that we needed to move away from building software in a waterfall fashion and become more agile. We wanted to embrace CI/CD.

We ended up choosing a subset of the 84 services and a small team to go work with Pivotal Labs. It was all new: pair programming, test-driven development, lean software methodologies. And it wasn't always easy. Truly understanding and adapting to a new way of working takes practice and willingness.