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Highly Available and Resilient Multi-Site Deployments Using Spinnaker

What happens if a natural disaster disables your mission-critical data center? How much will it cost in terms of money and customer retention? In this session, learn ways to enhance the resiliency offered by cloud providers and how to use the Pivotal Platform and Spinnaker to accomplish continuity across multiple regions in case of a data center outage.

In addition, we'll explore the design of a multi-region environment using Site Reliability Engineering principles and share how to craft solutions considering a framework of factors (e.g., platform, application, and data) necessary for both active-active and active-passive approaches of site failover.

Note that switching between regions might necessitate more complex application deployment strategies, such as automated canary analysis, that require your continuous delivery tool to be stateful. We'll demonstrate how Pivotal solutions can help enterprises to meet uptime goals, even if a region-wide outage occurs.