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General Motors In-Vehicle App Store and Personalization Case Study

The Infotainment System in GM vehicles makes web service calls to the cloud for an In-Vehicle App Store and to save/load Personal Profiles (e.g., radio stations, seat settings, etc). In 2017, China passed a tough new data privacy law that required all data that starts in China to stay in China, but the vendor providing our infotainment capabilities didn't have servers in China. If GM didn’t figure out a solution immediately, we'd be forced to stop selling cars in China (our largest market).

This talk will follow the project team through the stages of development from an early POC all the way to deployment.

The pending deadline in China meant speed was critical, so we relied heavily on Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Concourse, and Pivotal Platform to move quickly. Using microservices and Pivotal Platform, we were able to deploy dev instances and start real-world vehicle testing much faster.
To be legally compliant, we built a new Pivotal Platform foundation in China, transitioned our app there, and deployed with confidence.