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From Mainframe to Microservices with Pivotal Platform and Kafka: Bridging the Data Divide

Express Scripts, a Cigna corporation company, is reimagining its data and software architecture to bring best-in-class user experience and provide the foundation of next-generation applications. The challenge lies in the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively access the ever-increasing amount of data.

This talk will showcase how Pivotal Platform and Apache Kafka are leveraged within Express Scripts’ transformation from mainframe to a microservices-based ecosystem, ensuring data integrity between two worlds.

You'll learn:

  • how Express Scripts is building cloud-based microservices when the system of record is a relational database residing on an on-premise mainframe

  • how Change Data Capture (CDC) enables event-driven architecture

  • how Spring framework is used to bind microservices to Kafka

  • how Express Scripts uses Pivotal Platform to build and scale microservices

  • how to use Kafka streams and Pivotal Cloud Cache (PCC) to offload the database as part of a data pipeline