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Experience + Education = Empowerment

You've bought in on DevOps, Agile, and cloud...what now? How do you fully empower your teams to achieve peak software delivery performance? It starts with a streamlined developer experience that enables automation and self-service. No matter how intuitive the experience is, it's still painful if there's a gap in education. True empowerment requires a culture of learning and continuous improvement backed by diverse education opportunities designed for developers. Miranda LeBlanc and Matt Ruel will share Liberty Mutual's journey to DevOps maturity. We'll look at how our Cloud Foundry platform, automated pipeline, and developer experience set the stage for DevOps success. We'll also look at programs we've utilized to improve developer skillsets, such as Dojos, Pivotal Labs engagements, internal hackathons, and coding workshops provided by our Women in Technology organization. You'll leave with actionable ideas you can explore today to ensure that your development teams are fully empowered!