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Evolving Towards a Modernized Platform: Our Success Story

At Liberty Mutual, a Fortune 100 global insurance company, the Global Retail Markets (GRM) business lines, which is focused on the global retail market, embraced the challenge of evolving one of the hardest, most complex ecosystem of applications in our business towards a modernized cloud architecture. Through modernizing this one million line of code monolithic application, while embracing an entirely new way of thinking and working, Liberty was able to align business and IT stakeholders to achieve high-quality, inspiring results.

This is a real-world example of moving from Waterfall, slow release cycles to Agile rapid development; from a highly brittle monolith, to a resilient microservices cloud architecture; from frustrated, siloed team members to a delighted, cohesive, cross-functional product team. The business benefits achieved thus far from modernizing the policy administration platform include the ability to rapidly deliver new minimal viable capabilities in weeks vs. months.