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Eighteen Years of Spring

Rod began writing Spring in 2001. Eighteen years later, it's stronger than ever, thanks to the work of waves of exceptional committers.

In this talk, Rod will examine why Spring has had such longevity. What architectural principles and decisions helped? What mistakes needed to be fixed? How was it possible for such an amazing team and community to grow? How did it navigate the changing problems and possibilities of the JVM ecosystem?

Rod will discuss some of the key things that make successful frameworks, including:

  • the Open/Closed principle

  • the role of Design Patterns

  • clear layering

  • consistent coding conventions

  • abstraction from the underlying environment

  • practical application of academic research

What lessons can you apply to designing your own framework? Rod will use the open-source project he’s currently working on——the Atomist Software Delivery Machine project——as an example of the decision process.