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Drive-In Meets Digital: Modernizing a Classic Customer Experience

Co-presented with Allen Plummer, Director of Platform Engineering

Sonic is a 65-year-old drive-in restaurant chain that is adopting platform technology to become the most personalized quick-service restaurant in North America—while staying true to their heritage and service promise.

Sonic developed a culture of “platform thinking” to rebuild the core applications on a cloud-based platform. The new platform took the legacy core applications and unlocked them in a way that is well integrated but did not disrupt the existing store operations. It allowed them to extend operations to the new digital channels including the upgraded digital screen systems.

Through this platform mindset, Sonic is now shipping new apps to production five days per week. This was unheard of when the vision was formed back in 2013. They have also seen benefits around security, stability, scalability, and cost savings.