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Distributed Agile Teams Dialed to 11

Agile methodologies promote and advocate for colocated teams, but many if not most companies employ distributed teams. Can distributed teams turn the agile dials up to 11 and still have whiteboards, sticky notes, pair programming, TDD, and full-participation agile ceremonies, all without relegating some team members to being second-class citizens of the project?

Yes we can, and yes we do! Joe will walk through the processes, practices, and enabling technologies developed at pioneering agile consultancy, Pivotal Labs, over the past 13 years. Learn how to incorporate a few occasional "remotes," maintain teams split across regions and timezones, and even how to adopt an "everyone's remote" approach to your distributed agile teams. Plus, learn how to successfully incorporate remote pair programming with a unified theory for solving all timezone-related challenges...kind of.