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Deploy on Friday!

Many organizations are implementing no-deploy Fridays. Nobody wants to be paged on Sunday morning at 3am for a disruptive issue with software you released on Friday. But is simply stopping to deliver software altogether the solution? Is it really fair to your customers to release that same software on Monday?

In this session, you'll learn how to detect problems straight away instead of days later. Learn how to isolate your application from external issues so it stays up while the rest of the world is down. Learn how to deploy smaller and quicker, so issues can be fixed immediately. Learn how to test automatically so you can feel confident about releasing. Last, but not least: learn to embrace failure and trust your software, instead of being afraid of it, on any day of the week!

Covered in this talk:

  • observability

  • blue/green deployment

  • consumer-driven contract testing

  • robustness and resilience

  • Spring Boot

  • Resilience4j

  • Micrometer

  • Spring Cloud Contract

  • Concourse CI + Spinnaker