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Cutting-Edge Continuous Delivery: Automated Canary Analysis Through Spring-Based Spinnaker

The Spring team has been working on continuous delivery for a couple of years now. Spring Cloud Pipelines used to be Spring’s approach to deploy your applications into production, using tools like Jenkins or Concourse. However, those platforms’ key strength lies in continuous integration, and lack internal state representing the deployed landscape across clouds and regions.

That state is required to effectively perform deployment strategies, like cutting-edge automated canary analysis. Spinnaker’s autonomous judge, which analyzes metrics of both baseline and canary deployments, drives deployment strategies based on automated data-driven decisions.

Spinnaker is a stateful, open-source, multi-region, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform, fully written in Spring. It started at Netflix but now involves a wider community of contributors from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Pivotal, and many others.