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Congratulations, You’ve Failed! Continuously Learning Through Failed Experiments

People say, if you fail, fail fast. What does this actually mean? What is fast? Is it weeks, months, a year? When your experiment fails, what do you do? We believe that after failing you should celebrate and embrace what you learned.

Pivotal is supportive of experimenting and continuous learning. We value “do the right thing” for our customers and “do what works” for our teams! That encouraged us to invest in an experimental continuous delivery model when we saw an opportunity. In partnership with our product team, we explored creating this model of continuous delivery. It took 10 months of research, interviews, and iterations to drive this forward with product teams. By the end, we learned that this is not the right path.

In this talk, we’ll share how we embraced failing fast and constantly iterated to help drive towards an outcome of continuous delivery. We’ll share the lessons we learned and how embracing experiments and failures allowed us to be innovative and creative.