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Chassis and AppFactory: Accelerate Development of Cloud-Native Microservices for Enterprises

At Scotiabank, our team delivers self-serve tools and components to help developers build production-grade microservices quickly. In this session, learn about two products we built to improve developer productivity and experience, and enforce best practices and architecture governance.

Chassis improves development speed and quality of cloud-native microservices leveraging Spring Boot. It provides a set of reusable components (e.g., logging, OAuth, tracing, REST & SOAP connectors, masking PII data, etc.) to solve cross-cutting concerns so developers can focus on coding business logic.

AppFactory is a state-of-the-art UI tool that offers a low-code experience for developers to generate Spring Boot microservices within minutes, complete with back-end service orchestration. It creates architecture-as-code by generating Java Lifecycle to the microservices codebase with three phases: consumer, operations, and connectors. It also provides well-defined Request and Response classes for consumers and connector.