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Building Reactive Pipelines: How to Go from Scalable Apps to (Ridiculously) Scalable Systems

Going from imperative, blocking code to a reactive programming model enables us to scale our apps in ways that aren't possible with a thread scale-out approach—which is a good thing! But as with all optimizations, one must examine and address the system holistically or all we accomplish is moving bottlenecks around, creating or finding new chokepoints as we tune certain applications/services. This is not so good.

In this session, we'll discuss and demonstrate:
  • how Project Reactor builds on reactive streams to help you create performant and scalable reactive microservices
  • message brokers and streaming platforms, like RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka
  • how Spring Cloud Stream leverages Reactor to provide fully reactive pipelines for system-wide (ridiculous!) scalability

The presenter will code all examples using 100% open-source software, live and in real time. This is not an abstract discussion; come to gain real, practical knowledge!