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Building a Data Exchange with Spring Cloud Data Flow

A Data eXchange in the context of this talk is a system or group of applications that gets data from various sources, validates and transforms that data, and then disseminates the data to various consumers; maybe an evolution of the traditional ETL concept.

The Banking Technology team at Schwab is building a Data eXchange with Spring Cloud Data Flow based on a set of finite patterns for data consumption and dissemination that facilitate reuse, pattern-based architecture and implementations, industry standard protocols and security, and data governance.

The talk would be a case study in the distillation of the finite patterns on "each side of the exchange" and a discussion of the patterns and how they facilitate each of the items above. Additionally, we'll touch on the analysis we go through as we look at a data pipeline and discuss the merits of whether it fits better into the stream paradigm or the batch paradigm.