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BT’s Transformation Journey to a Human-Centered Service Organization

Founded in 1846, BT knows first-hand the importance of transformation. From establishing the UK’s telegraph comms network to growing into a modern, multinational telco operating across 180 countries, BT has successfully adopted new technologies to grow and compete in ever-changing markets.

Now, BT has embarked on an IT Transformation journey to become more responsive to customer needs by efficiently delivering software more regularly and reliably. This talk focuses on how BT is using human-centered design techniques, agile dev, and automation to deliver cloud-native software running on Pivotal Platform. Learn of the impact these changes are having on BT developers and customers, including improvements in developer satisfaction, speed of team mobilization, and software delivery cycles.

IT leaders embarked on digital and app transformation journeys will benefit from learning about BT’s approach to transform and enable its app and platform teams, the challenges and results of these initiatives, and its methods of measuring outcomes.