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Are You SREious?

We'd like to portray our adoption of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) guiding principles to operate the bank’s cloud platform based on Pivotal Platform. The system supports online banking and other critical workloads serving millions of requests per day to our external clients. During this journey, we set our minds to applying software engineering to solve operational challenges associated with the on-premise cloud platform. This mission-critical system operates in two data centers and is hosting thousands of applications. In this presentation, we'll share our experience with adopting an SRE culture and how we overcame its challenges. Within the Platform Team, SRE drives decision making around our backlog, enables the team to take risks, and ultimately allows our team to make informed decisions around running Pivotal Platform as a product. We'll assume a general understanding of SRE terminology and delve into the technical aspects of what we’ve already adopted at RBC.