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AppTx: Transforming legacy apps at Northern Trust

While we all aim to build beautiful applications, over time these beauties turn into burdensome beasts, with a variety of issues in stability, reliability, scalability, availability, etc. These issues often are due to dated, tightly-coupled, monolithic architecture, various vended solutions integrated in days of yore, decades of feature overload, and sky-high risk from growth in the user base.

At Northern Trust, we had such a beast, which had all the flashy animations that the early 2000's had to offer. It was written in Java and deployed to WebLogic Portal. The frontend was written using the Adobe Flex framework. End of life technologies added fuel to the fire when it came to the need to modernize the beast.

This talk will take you through our transformative journey and how Pivotal's app modernization services and Platform enabled us to deliver value to our clients by transforming our beast into a beauty - using microservices architecture, the React ecosystem, and modern software processes such as CI/CD, Test Driven Development, and Behavior Driven Development.