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A Tale of Transformation: Changing the Way We Deliver and Transform Product Data at Dell

In a world where everything is a click away, everything literally needs to be a click away. To achieve this, technology is not enough. We need to fundamentally question and perhaps change the agility with which the value of technologies can be delivered to customers. For quick delivery, transformation is not restricted to the breaking of monoliths to microservices, but expanded to incorporate a blend of user-centered design, lean startup, and extreme programming——the Pivotal way.

How do we achieve such a transformation? How does it help our customers and businesses? What tools and practices help us deliver business outcomes? To arrive at answers, we’ll dive into the journey that successfully modernized a data-intake-monolith into cloud-native data pipelines.

We’ll discuss the technologies, techniques, and practices adopted and the business value generated for the use case of product data extraction, transformation, and load in Dell Commerce Platform.