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Pair Programming & TDD

Pair programming is the practice of having two developers work together at the same computer to complete each task. At Pivotal Labs, we pair all of the time. As pairs rotate, knowledge spreads rapidly through the team, avoiding silos of knowledge and allowing for team growth. As we begin to build a product, we employ test-driven development (TDD) to assert the application can do what we want it to do.

Try pair programming and TDD for yourself at SpringOne Platform in the dedicated Pairing Lab at the Pivotal Booth. Our experts will run you through one of three engaging 30-minute exercises that can be completed in Java or Kotlin. In addition to these three exercises, The Pivotal Education team will be onsite in the Pairing Lab to run you through an exercise that will expose you to Spring Boot, Pivotal Platform as a Service, and Test Driven Development. You'll pick which exercise you want to do once you arrive for your lab. Options below. Sign up for a timeslot to learn how pair programming and TDD can enable you to build working software at a consistent speed and quality in the face of changing requirements.



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Spring Boot, Pivotal Platform, and TDD