Unconference Session

Moving Beyond D&I Numbers

Hub Theater

Join Pivotal for an Unconference Session: Moving Beyond D&I Numbers. This session will include groups of participants discussing the topics that matter most to them, in a World Café format. We strongly encourage participation by everyone who’d like to learn more about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sector, including allies and those who may not have prior experience in the space.

D&I Cocktail Reception

Join Pivotal for a networking event on Monday night in order to meet other attendees and jump-start meaningful connections. Use this cocktail hour to draw in others with inclusive conversations. Natalie Bonifede, Pivotal’s Head of D&I—as well as other members of leadership and some keynote speakers—will be in attendance. Natalie will give further context on the Unconference Session: Moving Beyond D&I Numbers, set to take place later this week. This event is open to anyone who’s passionate about improving equity, inclusion, and diversity in tech. All are welcome!